Sierra and Seamus were born on 13/8/22.  They've started their vaccinations and they're microchipped.  They'll be neutered once old enough or rehomed with a neutering contract.

They can live with another cat, and cat-savvy children over 8 years old.  They'd like a safe garden to explore once old enough.  They've never met a dog, but may be able to be slowly inttroduced to a quiet dog.  They're very bonded so we're looking to rehome them as a pair.

They're very playful and friendly once they know you, they'll give you hours of kitten-shaped fun!

Nettie is a sweet little lady, very gentle and friendly. Loves company, playtime and cuddles. Very good around other cats and children over six. She has been in foster care since she was a little kitten. She is 1 year old now and so deserving of a new home. She can be rehomed on her own or with her brother Chip.

She would like a safe garden to explore once settled in.
Status: Needs Home
Gender: Female
Fur Colour: Black and white
Age (When added): 1 year old
Neutered/Spayed: Yes
Indoor/Outdoor: Secure Access to Outdoors
Can live with children: Yes
Can live with dogs: No
Can live with other cats: Yes