How to help
Financial Help

Are you a cat-lover who would love to help if only you had time to spare? Here is a list of ideas with something for almost everybody to choose from. Some of these require very little involvement, whilst others demand more time and commitment. If you feel able to help  please contact us at the address at the bottom of this page or by email.
Become a member (or introduce a new member)
You can become a member of CAT ACTION TRUST 1977 from only £8 per annum, (£4 for senior citizens). Your annual contribution will greatly assist us in caring for the cats. You will then receive our twice-yearly newsletter updating you on all the great work CAT 77 is doing.
Make a donation
The charity is run entirely by volunteers, which means that the bare minimum is spent on administrative costs and almost all money donated is spent directly on the cats and their welfare. Why not contribute now by cheque or via our online donation facility?
Think you could spare some of your time to help raise funds? You can fundraise either for central funds or for an individual branch.
Make a Bequest
Why not remember the cats in your will? By making a bequest to CAT77 you can ensure our life saving work can continue. Make sure your legacy is for “CAT ACTION TRUST 1977, REGISTERED CHARITY No. 801245”. You can name headquarters or any of our branches as your beneficiary.
Practical Help
If you can spare some time to help our cause, it is greatly appreciated. Even if it is only a short amount of time it all helps and below are examples of the kind of support we need. Many require very little involvement.
Sponsor or foster a cat or kitten
We have cats and kittens coming into our care all the time. We never kill for expediency, so fosterers are urgently needed. Why not sponsor the upkeep of an animal? The cost is from £5 per week. We usually have tame cats and kittens ready to go to homes as well as those who stay longer because they need taming or are expecting kittens, or are nursing queens.  Fostering is very rewarding. Please contact HQ, or your local branch if you are interested.
Help on a stall, jumble sale or bazaar
Many of our branches attend local fairs and help on the day is always appreciated.  You can assist with manning the stall, helping to transport goods to and from the event or by storing boxes of bric-a-brac between fairs.
“Bring & Buys”, quiz evenings, auctions, garden parties etc
These events can often raise considerable sums in comparatively little time. Collecting boxes and literature are available on request.
Collect or make goods for us
Unwanted gifts of any kind, good quality bric-a-brac, books, toys and hand-made items are always gratefully received. Some branches can use jumble and second-hand clothes.
For safety, this is best done in pairs, especially at night. We have a particular need for people who drive.
All our branches are short of drivers. Lifts are needed to vets, to sites and to prospective homes to be vetted. We are usually able to refund petrol expenses if needed.
Sponsor a stall or an advertisement
Our branches often fundraise at local fairs. Maybe you could sponsor the cost of a stall or help pay for an advertisement to find new homes for the cats in our care.
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